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"We were extremely pleased with the work done by your company. The workers were very skilled and professional in every way. The work was done right, on time and the clean up was excellent. You are who we will call on for our future tree trimming needs."
The Wilsons
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Tree Services Central Florida

PRUNING: Pruning is done to generate cell growth in tree's or for storm prevention. We are careful not to prune more than 25% of foliage at any given time if possible so that we don't stress the tree.

STRUCTURAL OR CORRECTIVE PRUNNING: Is a good way to ensure a healthy young tree for a good crown growth or to help older tree's survive storms or to help aesthetically.

DEMOSSING: For aesthetic reasons or to lighten up the tree. Moss is very heavy when wet. Removing the moss will help preserve the limbs from breaking or falling in storms due to weight.

MISTLETOE: Is a parasite. It is like cancer and it can kill a tree if not addressed and removed.

TREE REMOVAL: Needed when tree's are dead, diseased, are to close to structures, aesthetic reasons or sometimes due to evassive tree's. Tree removal can be critical and dangerous. We are very careful in removal not to disturb or tear up your lawn, plants or structure. We can give you horror stories of customers having to resod and replant after tree removals due to damage.

CABLEING AND BRACING: Is needed when trying to save old or decayed tree's or just trying to prolong the life of a tree with more than one dominant stem or lead and to reduce stress from high winds.

This is just a small scope of the work we do at Windsor and Son Tree Service. We think of our work as an art and trying to preserve the beauty of the trees and the end result is having our customers satified and having the aesthetics of the trees to come out just right.