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Windsor and Son Tree Service. Serving Orange, Lake and Seminole counties.

Tree Services for Home and Business

Tree Pruning
Removals and Stump Grinding
Tree Preservation and Tree Diagnosis
Cabling and Bracing
Tree and Shrub Fertilization
Dead Wooding and Cavity Work
Hazardous Tree Assessment
Lightning Protection
Storm Damage

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"I´m a bona fide tree-hugger who lives on five acres with a lot of trees. Windsor and Son Tree Service did a phenomenal job in thinning out the oak tree canopies and cabling a twin-trunk laurel oak. They were punctual, efficient, courteous, professional and their fees were fair."
Melanie Griffey remark in the Sentinel
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About Windsor and Son Tree Service LLC

We are one of the most reliable and reputable tree care companies in Orange, Lake and Seminole Counties. We are built on our commitment to the client and taking great care to know their individual needs and knowing what is best for the health and beautification of their yards.

We are proud to have many repeat customers, which is proof of our great service to client relationship. To be a trusted caretaker of an individual and a business is a great honor and one we value regardless if you your new to our company or if we’ve been caring for your trees for years

All of our work is within the International Society of Arborculture (ISP) Standards. We also take every safety precaution possible to ensure our workers stay safe as well as the client's property. We have safety meetings every month and our workers compensation provider monitors our jobsite every six months to make sure we are in compliance with their standards.

So you have the assurance to know that your lawn is cared for in the most responsible and courteous manner and that safety is a top priority here at Windsor and Son.